The Standards are applied for the external evaluation of the quality of education and the institutional accreditation of higher and postgraduate education organisations: universities, institutes, academies, and research centres.

The Standards are developed by the ECAQA Non-Profit Institution on the basis of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015), taking into account the National Qualifications Framework in accordance with the institutional needs of educational organisations and the priorities of the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Standard 1: Mission and Quality Assurance Policy

Standard 2: Educational Programmes

Standard 3: Student-Centred Learning and Assessment

Standard 4: Students, Admission, Selection and Qualification Policies

Standard 5: Academic Staff/Faculty

Standard 6: Educational Resources and Student Support

Standard 7: Information and Activity Management

Standard 8: Public Awareness

Standard 9: Monitoring and Evaluation of Educational Programmes

Standard 10: External Quality Assurance and Continuous Renewal

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