Modernization of the quality assurance system in health professions education through the enhancement of internal and external quality assurance mechanisms at the institutional and national levels, increasing the competitiveness of health professionals and healthcare in country and internationally.


1. Quality assurance of the ECAQA activities and the sustainability of its development


1.1 Updating the internal quality assurance policy to reflect the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG Part 1);
1.2 Maintaining the status of a recognised accreditation body on the National Register of Accreditation Bodies (Register1) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
1.3 Conducting image and reputation development work;
1.4 Implement structured stakeholder engagement mechanisms;
1.5 Guarantee of independence in decision-making on accreditation of educational organisations and educational programmes;
1.6 Conduct routine analysis of ECAQA activities;
1.7 Initiating a periodic external evaluation of ECAQA.

2. Development of the facilities and human resources of the ECAQA


2.1 Strengthening logistical and technical capacities;
2.2 Ensure the financial sustainability of ECAQA;
2.3 Increase the number of staff members;
2.4 Enhance the qualifications of ECAQA staff and experts.

3. Improving the organisational and methodological support for accreditation procedures, taking into account international best practice in Quality Assurance


3.1 Periodically reviewing standards for institutional and specialized accreditation, taking into account feedback from stakeholders, and making appropriate changes and additions; 3.2 Improving the peer assessment procedure and formalising the results of external evaluation;
3.3 Conducting external evaluations of educational institutions and programmes;
3.4 Introduction of formal mechanisms to collect feedback on external evaluation and accreditation
3.5 Conduct thematic stakeholder reviews to improve continuously the accreditation procedure.

4. Capacity development for accreditation experts in line with the competence model


4.1 Expand the pool of accreditation experts; 4.2 Organise training of experts to meet the requirements for accreditation experts;
4.3 Organise training for students on quality assurance and accreditation mechanisms.

5. International recognition and sustainability of the ECAQA status in international quality networks (ENQA, EQAR, APQR, WFME)


5.1 Maintaining ECAQA membership of international networks and registries for Quality Assurance as part of the implementation of the Bologna Process objectives on quality assurance in education and meeting the requirements of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG); 5.2 Conclude memoranda with professional associations and Quality Assurance Agencies;
5.3 Conducting accreditation of foreign educational institutions and educational programmes;
5.4 Participation in annual conferences of International Quality Assurance networks and educational associations.

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